Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Phone Call

occuried Summer 04

What started off as a typical summer night quickly turned into one crazy night and heres what happened...

**Note all the names of the people in these stories are changed except for mine**

The night started off like every other nite that summer myself, cbaz and eric where gettin ready to head out for the night and hit up the typical high skool parties it was around 1030 and i get the phone call that was gonna change my nite...
my phone rings and i look to see who it is.. it says private, i answer and this guy is like is this dj? and heres how the rest of the conversation went;

dj: yea who's this
guy: this is dipshit, liz's boyfriend
dj: yea whats up?
guy: did u hang out with liz yesterday?
dj: yea y?
guy: okay good im gonna kill u

now it this point i knew exactly what i was doing, so i start trying to piss him off even more so i begin to tell him the juicy details of the nite before .. now granted i did not know that these two were going out because liz told me they havent for like a month so i was like okay fair after i state what happened the nite before he snaps and tells me to go to liz's hes gonna beat the fuck outta me... so im like okay ill be there in 10 mins as i get to liz's house i see them walkin down the street and he starts screaming at me and liz is holding him back and all this shit i was like tryin to get him to swing so bad ... liz finally lets go and he comes running towards me and then stops ? i was like what the fuck? he then paces around for what seemed like a fuckin year and then this is how it went
guy; i dont want no trouble just leave her be
dj; u fuckin threaten me and call me out and now your pussin out?
guy; yea its not worth it

now at this moment im in absolute shock but at the same time realize its definatley not worth he was rite shes a whore and always will we ended it with him at that ... so me and cbaz and eric go back to my car when eric says u should do something to his car... the wheels in my head instantly start turning.. i got it lets shit on his car... now mind u we only have about 5 mins before dipshit and liz get back because they walked around the block... so cbaz is like i gotta shit anyways so he begins to shit i dipshits car hood then outta no where eric get out and starts whackin off and then lets it go all over dipshits windshield.. so then i finish the job and piss all over his car... we take off just in time .. what a nite..

to this day:
dipshit is gone away to college outta state
and liz has a bf and has had many but every so often i get the booty call and i dont pass on that